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Hobie Kayak Mirage Compass Duo
4,590.00 CHF 4,590.00 CHF 4590.0 CHF
Hobie Kayak Mirage Passport 10.5
1,950.00 CHF 1,950.00 CHF 1950.0 CHF
Hobie Kayak Mirage Passport 12.0
2,290.00 CHF 2,290.00 CHF 2290.0 CHF
Hobie Mirage Eclipse ACX, 10-5
2,890.00 CHF 2,890.00 CHF 2890.0 CHF

New Products

Spraytop breathable junior
99.00 CHF 99.00 CHF 99.0 CHF
Bailer through hole brass fitting Ilca/Laser
27.00 CHF 27.00 CHF 27.0 CHF
Tiwal 2 L
5,890.00 CHF 5,890.00 CHF 5890.0 CHF
Mat kit, PA14 grey/black 360
560.00 CHF 560.00 CHF 560.0 CHF

Products on Sale

Hiking pads protection
72.00 CHF 72.00 CHF 72.0 CHF
Hatch bag kit kayak
36.00 CHF 27.00 CHF 27.0 CHF
Mast Base Protection Ti/Fx
13.00 CHF 9.00 CHF 9.0 CHF
Cover pvc-pe350 for Pirat, top
300.00 CHF 191.38 CHF 191.38 CHF