Gps Garmin

Explore and find your way effortlessly thanks to GPS Garmin. The sailors and the enthusiasts of water sports will be delighted to find a wide choice of GPS Garmin on Duvoisin Nautique and Sports.

Explorez et retrouvez votre route sans effort grâce aux GPS Garmin. Les plaisanciers et les passionnés de sports nautiques seront ravis de trouver un large choix de GPS Garmin sur Duvoisin Nautique & Sports.

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Hobie Kayak Mirage Compass Duo
4,300.00 CHF 4,300.00 CHF 4300.0 CHF
Hobie Kayak Mirage Passport 10.5
1,490.00 CHF 1,490.00 CHF 1490.0 CHF
Kayak Hobie Mirage iTrek 11
3,300.00 CHF 3,300.00 CHF 3300.0 CHF
RS Toura
10,590.00 CHF 10,590.00 CHF 10590.0 CHF

New Products

Occasion, remorque de route 250-275, Mersea
1,000.00 CHF 1,000.00 CHF 1000.0 CHF
Second hand Devoti D-one, 2013
6,500.00 CHF 6,500.00 CHF 6500.0 CHF
Second hand Laser - SUI 191817
3,000.00 CHF 3,000.00 CHF 3000.0 CHF
Occasion 5o5 Parker,
2,000.00 CHF 2,000.00 CHF 2000.0 CHF

Products on Sale

Cover PVC for Korsar, bottom (old cloth)
260.00 CHF 129.00 CHF 129.0 CHF
Bag Mast Optimist
60.00 CHF 50.00 CHF 50.0 CHF
Cover PVC for Europe, bottom (old cloth)
155.00 CHF 89.00 CHF 89.0 CHF