Block single Orbit Ratchet manual with Dyneema link 40mm


Article number :  RF46102

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    Up to 14:1 holding power - highest available!
    Easily fitted and securely retained Dyneema® link head
    Smooth easing of sheets
    Manual ON/OFF ratchet selection

    Sheave Ø 40 mm
    Max. Rope Ø 9 mm
    Max. Cable Ø - mm
    Pin Ø - mm
    M.W.L. 175 kg
    B. L. 500 kg
    Weight 35 g

    Product Information
    Automatic and manual ratchet options
    Now you can enjoy the flexibility of setting up your fitout exactly to suit yourself. Ronstan is the only company that offers a 40mm ratchet block with both auto and manual engagement models*
    With automatic models, the ratchet mechanism engages when load is applied, but switches off when it's released. This lets the sheet run out smoothly and freely-great for rapid easing of the sheet and for gybing asymmetric spinnakers.
    Manual modes allow the ratchet mechanism to be switched on or off as required. This is the preferred mainsheet set-up for many top sailors.
    * Selected Series 40 models.

    Awesome ratchet block holding power
    Quite simply, Ronstan Ratchet Orbit Blocks™ have the highest holding power available. The sophisticated NC-machined sheave features Generation 2 of our patented sheave cross-hole geometry. The Series 40 delivers up to 14:1 holding power, almost double that of our nearest competititor.
    The unique sheave design has 8 gripping faces which directly resist loaded line movement. Traditional designs have an angled resistance to line movement. Our Generation 2 design has straight resistance faces which both distribute the load and minimise rope wear. These faces are offset from the radial line, to draw the rope down into the gripping area when under load.

    Simple and secure attachment
    The Dyneema® Link is easily fitted and is retained securely by a moulded retainer clip. The flexible link can be left with one end attached to the block when fitting - no more lost shackle pins.
    The system is compatible with Dyneema®/Spectra® strops, webbing and carbon connection points - much more so than steel loop tops or shackles.

    Smooth easing of sheets
    With auto models the sheet runs out smoothly and freely as soon as the ratchet mechanism disengages. When engaged, and with manual models, the sheave cross - hole geometry eliminates the 'shuddering' ease-out that you can expect from traditional v-groove ratchet blocks.
    Low profile stand-up kit allows 0° or 90° alignment
    Stand-up kits feature a clatter-free rubber boot. You can attach the Dyneema® link so that the block is aligned with the stand-up base or across it. It's a neat low-profile solution which allows full articulation.

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