Traveller car ball bearing system saddle top 2 control sheaves serie 14


Article number :  RC11410

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    Low profile
    Lightweight alloy car bodies

    Width: 41mm
    Suits up to 6mm diam. rope
    Length 68.0 mm
    Qty. Balls 48
    M.W.L. 150 kg
    B. L. 400 kg
    Weight 89 g

    Product Information:
    Car bodies are machined to precise specifications, then honed to an exceptional finish before being treated and anodised for maximum corrosion protection. Stainless steel elements are put through a special high energy finish process to achieve a uniquely smooth edge and surface finish.

    Dinghy and catamaran traveller and jib sheet systems

    Alloy car bodies
    Acetal ball bearings
    Grade 316 stainless steel fixtures

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